Say Goodbye To Your Eyeglasses With Eye Health Package

Every eye is special. We have included all necessary examinations in one package for the accurate treatment that your eyes need. With this package, which only exists in Medipol, we brought you smart technologies such as eye tracking system Vivior, which is also the only one in Turkey, to find out the most appropriate treatment method for your eyes. When you visit Medipol Eye Center, at a high standard accuracy we will carefully determine the most effective and right method to eliminate your need for reading glasses.

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Eye Health Package includes all of the examinations and services written below:

1. Full Eye Examination:

All measurements are carefully made under control of our experienced physicians and then a general scheme of your eye structure and vision problems is created.

2. VIVIOR, Eye Tracking System:

In Turkey only in Medipol we carefully examine your eye movements throughout the day with a special pattern design and a small device which is attached on your glasses. Thanks to Vivior Technology, for 3 days we track down how your eyes are affected by light and which objects you see the most and in what distance in your daily life or during work. With the result to be obtained from here, your physician gains a very detailed information about the treatment which will help you to attain perfect eyesight.

3. Biometrics:

The measurements for the analysis of intraocular lens number are also conducted by our physicians in order to provide a treatment for myopia/hyper myopia and astigmatism.

4. OCT Retina:

In this examination, the nerve layer in the back of the eye is assessed by high-standard technological device to investigate if there are any problems which have negative effects on your eyes.

5. Corneal Topography:

Supportive information for the method to solve the vision problems is obtained by taking a detailed map of the eye surface.

6. High-Quality Intraocular Lens That Eliminate your Need for Eyeglasses:

The type of the lenses to be placed in the eye for the solution of vision problems is determined according to the information obtained from the result of the examinations and analyses mentioned above.

In Medipol Eye Center high success rate in solving eyesight problems is determined with multiply analyses and tests for types of lenses, usage of such devices as innovative ‘Vivior’ technology which is represented only in Medipol in Turkey, so that we achieve excellent ratings of patient satisfaction.

7.Pre-operative General Examination and Blood Tests:

Before the exclusive operation which helps the patients to get rid of their eyeglasses, satisfaction rate is accurately maintained at pre-peri and post operational stages by performing complete blood tests.

8.Drop Anesthesia:

The operation is going to be performed not under general, but under “drop anesthesia” which is applied on the eye to increase the patient’s comfort to the highest level.

9. Multifocal/Trifocal/EDOP Operation:

The operation will be conducted by our specialist academic staff with its extend experience in the field.

10. Post-operative Care Services:

All check-ups and materials, which you will require after the operation, are given to you by Medipol Eye Center after the operation before your departure.