Varian Trilogy Linear

It is possible to combine and administer all methods from 2 and 3 dimensional complex and confirmal treatments with Varian Trilogy Lineer Accelerator -and Eclipse Planning System to most developed IMRT treatments and recently developed RapıdArc treatment method with IGRT technique.

These treatments being administered with guidance of imaging provides complete and fully correct radiationing of the requested region by avoiding radiation from unwanted regions as well as protecting healthy tissues.

RapidArc treatment is one of the most advanced treatment methods being administered while it turns 360 degrees around the patient. It enables administering required dose, reduce the administration duration to few minutes and enables decreasing the dose severely. In addition,  implementation of  SRS, SRT and SBRT treatments that require precise but so intense exposures  to a very small region with high-dose at short time is possible.

Area of Use 

  • Radiation Oncologic