Biodex Balance Training System

Elderly, neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and stroke, vision problems, diseases associated with inner ear tract, diseases such as arthritis and diabetes mellitus can cause balance disorders. Stroke patients experience difficulties in putting weight on the leg on the side of the paralysis and for this reason they develop a new walking style.

This walking style however increases the risk of falling. Again, while weight transfer to both legs cannot be performed properly in situations such as elderly and Parkinson’s disease, balance is impaired and risk of falling is increases.

Biodex balance training system is an advanced technology system that provides recovery of balance problems and increase muscle tonus with several treatment choices. Falling risk evaluation is performed with this system, it is determined that the balance disorder caused which system of the body and rehabilitation program is created according to these data. Also, besides evaluation, there are balance exercise programs are available in this system in the form of interactive game. The patients are worked with these programs and muscle strength and movement ability are increased and balance disorder improves. So by determining the cause of the problem with this system, balance exercises for that problem can be applied.